Miami Surgeons Offer Laser Cap

Laser caps have enjoyed an undeniable spike in popularity. Over the last decade, a growing body of research has helped ease skepticism over the ability of low level laser therapy (LLLT) products to truly nourish hair follicles. Today, many physicians recommend laser therapy caps to patients who wish to cultivate thicker and fuller hair. While some patients use only laser therapy caps, many others enjoy the synergistic combination of LLLT products with other hair loss treatments, like hair transplants and hair loss medications.


Restoration Robotics: A New Generation of Hair Loss Treatment

Restoration Robotics is a new and innovative computer company dedicated to enhancing individual experience with world class technologies for surgical implant and hair restoration. Most fascinating may be the company’s ARTASĀ® System, the first-ever FDA approved ‘hair transplant robot.’ ARTAS is just a physician-guided system that allows surgeons to find and extract near-perfect hair roots for transplant. After removal, each follicular unit is transplanted by surgeons manually to ensure a natural-looking outcome. In 2012, the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami became the very first hair loss clinic to offer the top notch technology to individuals. Visit this website to learn more about Restoration Robotics, the business behind the growth of the ARTAS System.