Miami Surgeons Offer Laser Cap

Laser caps have enjoyed an undeniable spike in popularity. Over the last decade, a growing body of research has helped ease skepticism over the ability of low level laser therapy (LLLT) products to truly nourish hair follicles. Today, many physicians recommend laser therapy caps to patients who wish to cultivate thicker and fuller hair. While some patients use only laser therapy caps, many others enjoy the synergistic combination of LLLT products with other hair loss treatments, like hair transplants and hair loss medications.


New 2013 Hair Loss Treatments in Miami

The year 2013 has seen a number of exciting improvements in hair loss treatment. Robotic hair transplant could very well be one of the most talked-about engineering of 2013, and it’s obvious why. The ARTAS System, the first-ever FDA approved automatic FUE technology, offers more natural looking results in a faster process with less vexation and quicker healing. In addition to innovative new ARTAS technology, surgeons are actually implementing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to induce healthy hair string purpose. When used during a transplant procedure, PRP is shown to enhance the survivability of transplanted hair roots by offering the patient’s own nutrient-rich blood straight to the scalp. For more information about transplant technologies and new hair loss, visit this exclusive post on the Miami Hair Blog.