Can I Get a Hair Transplant Without a Scar?

If you suffer with male pattern baldness, you might be wondering if it’s possible to get a hair transplant without a scar. In truth, it depends on the physician and the surgical clinic that you seek. Pay close attention the the surgeon’s credentials and reputation within the local community. Both are important in determining his or her level of skill. During your hair transplant consultation, inquire about methods that are used to minimize the appearance of donor area scars. Finally, consider additional restoration options to use in conjunction with hair transplant surgery. Using laser therapy, for example, can improve the thickness of your hair. As a result, it will be harder to see your donor area scar.


Seeking Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

The numbers are sobering. A reported 2 in 3 adult men will experience thinning, shedding, or balding at some point in their life. What’s more, 25% of men who suffer with pattern baldness are likely to see significant signs of hair loss by age 25. Baldness does not discriminate, affecting men of all ages. All hope is not lost, however. Men who take time to learn the signs of baldness are better able to spot it when it takes form, giving them the opportunity to seek a professional diagnosis. Following diagnosis, men can work with a professional to choose an effective treatment option for baldness.