Advice for Hair Loss Sufferers

Suffering with hair loss is more common than you might think. It affects millions worldwide, and does not discriminate by ethnicity, age, or gender. The word “suffer” is appropriate, as hair loss is known to cause serious anxiety and even depression for those who experience it. Unfortunately, there is misinformation surrounding both how hair loss happens and what can be done to fix it. Popular myths like “hats speed hair loss” aren’t just false, they also create more anxiety for men and women who aren’t quite sure how to stop and reverse the signs of thinning and shedding. Educate yourself on hair loss, and read advice from hair loss professionals.


Living with Cancer: 25 Tips from Health Experts

Living with a disease is never easy, and cancer is no exception. But life with cancer does not have to be solemn. Along with regular physician-guided treatment, adopting a positive outlook and fighting attitude are 2 of the biggest assets a patient can develop. Join the health experts from UC San Diego for these 25 tips, and take a proactive step towards thinking, feeling, and living better.

RedBookMag Presents: Hilarious Tips for Moms-to-Be

Whether your expecting or a new mom, there’s a good chance you have felt overwhelmed with tips from family, friends, and physicians. And while everyone means well, it is very easy to become paralyzed by the sheer amount of (sometimes contradictory) information. Take a break from the the information overload, and have a laugh with Ms. Charlotte Andersen of Redbook Mag online. Relax, read this article for “12 hilarious Tips for Moms-to-Be” and rediscover your inner sense of humor.