Team Finds Potential Stem Cell Cure for Hair Loss

A stem cell is a very special unit of the body. In it resides the biological code to replicate a variety of different cells. Stem calls are not limited to their own reproduction; rather, they can supply the blueprint from which other, different cells can be created. It’s no wonder stem cells are being researched as a potential “hair loss cure,” since successfully mapping and manipulating one could lay the foundation for creating an entirely new head of hair from scratch. It has been a quest for many years, and earlier this month, a research team at the University of Calgary announced an exciting breakthrough in one such study. Dr. Biernaskie, a professor at the University, explained that he and his research team identified a cluster of “self renewing” cells within the dermal sheath that exhibited the ability to reawaken dormant hair follicles. More research is needed in order to understand how specific drugs might be able to control these cell clusters. However, Dr. Biernaskie shows ho


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