ARTAS Robotic Tech Revolutionizes Hair Loss Treatment

Since first introduced several years ago, robotics technologies have promised a faster, more convenient, and overall more effective hair transplant procedure for men and women seeking a permanent solution to pattern baldness. Today, those promises are a reality. The ARTAS System is among the first and most widely acclaimed of recently released hair loss treatment technologies, already helping countless men and women realize a fuller and more natural head of hair. Hair transplant has enjoyed several years of climbing popularity, due in part to new robotic FUE procedures made possible by technologies like the ARTAS. Visit the Miami Hair Blog for this special story on the role of robotics in today’s advanced hair loss treatments, and read as Dr. Rose explains how the new technology has been met with positive feedback from patients in Miami.


Around the World, Hair Transplant Surgery is Up More Than 80%

Men and women are turning to hair transplant operations in larger numbers than ever before. Researchers have tallied the numbers, and it appears that the total number of hair transplant procedures performed in 2012 was 85% higher than those performed in 2004. Those numbers are from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, or ISHRS. Hair loss professionals say this upward trend is indicative of greater awareness for the new technologies and exceptional patient results that today’s transplant procedures deliver. To learn more about the ISHRS and this new statistic, visit this article on the Miami Hair Blog.