LLLT for Hair Loss Proven Effective in New Study

Laser devices are popular methods of treating hair loss for men and women. Women are particularly adept to trying low level laser therapy (LLLT) when surgical hair restoration is either impractical or undesirable. Today’s marketplace offers a variety of FDA-approved laser devices, including combs, caps, and large in-office devices that can be used only under the supervision of a hair loss professional. Until recently, these devices were merely “thought” to promote new hair growth by stimulating follicle activity. Now, researchers have produced evidence that clearly illustrates the efficacy of LLLT devices. In a study of about 600 men and women, participants saw up to 20 new hairs per squared centimeter of scalp treated with LLLT comb. For the first time, hair loss professionals have a study that will support the claim that hair loss lasers actually work. Visit the Miami Hair Blog to learn more LLLT devices, hair loss, and this study.