Cure Baldness by Turning-on Your Hair Follicles

Scientists have recently discovered that we share more in common with our hair than we might think. Both humans and hair have “turn ons” it seems. And while the things that turn-on men and women are very different than the things that turn hair follicles on and off, the basic principle remains the same. Specifically, there are certain events that can turn hair follicles on, priming them to support normal and health hair growth. However, hair follicles can be turned off too, sending them into a dormant state in which hair growth does not occur. In light of this new research, scientists hope to someday cure baldness by manipulating specific “pathways” to turn dormant (bald) areas of scalp on, thus re-growing hair and saving men and women from the mental, physical, and emotional stress of hair loss.


Ten Awesome Facts About Hair

Did you know that some strands of human hair actually contain traces of real gold? And did you know that some studies have shown that mustaches, beards, and other facial hair styles can help to prevent cancer? When it comes to appearance and beauty, few elements of personal appearance garner more attention than hair. And yet, most individuals are unaware of just how unique these protein-infused strands really are. In honor of the recent conclusion of Movember 2013, the Miami Hair Blog presents this list of 10 incredible hair facts.

Treating Hair Loss with PRP

Scientists are excited about a new potential treatment for curing baldness. It’s called PRP, or platelet-rich-plasma, and it’s designed to naturally spur dormant hair follicles into growing hair again. PRP is prepared using a sample of the patient’s own blood. It uses a special technique to concentrate natural levels of platelets and other growth factors in the blood, which is then used during the transplantation of new hair follicles. Using PRP in combination with surgical hair transplant, surgeons believe patients can receive a procedure that is capable of delivering better results and a fuller head of hair.