Why Do I Have Bald Patches in My Beard?

Internet headlines have been humming lately with news of increased curiosity about beard transplants. Engineered to overcome a disorder called Alopecia Barbae, cosmetic hair transplants work much like traditional transplants for thinning regions of scalp. Physicians are able to get donor hair from a healthy scalp region at the rear or sides of the head. After, the hair follicles can be transplanted by them to aspects of the beard which are thinning or balding. Physicians report peaking fascination with this kind of technique in 2013, saying individuals don’t hesitate to inquire about facial hair to be engineered after certain high-profile superstars. For more information about Alopecia Barbae and the surgical options available to improve balding beards, visit this article on the Miami Hair Blog.


Movember: Celebrating Facial Hair for a Good Cause

This November marks the start of an annual month-long celebration of hair on your face. Called ‘Movember,’ the event invites men (and women!) from around the world to cultivate their facial hair for an excellent charity. Players register a free account on Movember.com and ask friends, family, and colleagues to give donations while they cheer them on, and at the conclusion of the month all proceeds go to a charity of the participant’s choice. The community also offers the charities for that they are fundraising, share experiences, and plan Movember parties within their communities to raise consciousness for the awesomeness of facial hair, along with ways for participants to get in touch. Check it out at Movember.com!