Men’s Fitness Names Hair Surgery as Top Hair Loss Treatment

It is all about offering expert insight and advice on the issues that matter most. For most men, one particular subject is hair. Hair removal, hair styles, and specially hair loss are one of the most essential dilemmas for adult men. As well as keeping in good physical shape, Men’s Health Magazine understands that full and youthful looking hair is vital when attempting to look and feel your absolute best. Most recently, Men’s Health called hair restoration surgery among of the top 4 approaches to prevent male pattern hair thinning.


Treating Hair Loss: Understanding the Role of Follicles

The key to young and healthy looking hair can be a healthy and fully-functional follicle. This small root-like structure is situated within the surface of your skin. Hair follicles will be the vessel by which oxygen and nutrients make their way to the hair. Unsurprisingly, new studies show that dwindling hair follicle health is among the largest issues that plays a part in hair loss in both men and women. Several things may cause hair roots to reduce their vibrance. Hormones, tension, and genetics could all play a large role. In this essay, join the health professionals at Men’s Health magazine for more information about what can cause baldness.

New 2013 Hair Loss Treatments in Miami

The year 2013 has seen a number of exciting improvements in hair loss treatment. Robotic hair transplant could very well be one of the most talked-about engineering of 2013, and it’s obvious why. The ARTAS System, the first-ever FDA approved automatic FUE technology, offers more natural looking results in a faster process with less vexation and quicker healing. In addition to innovative new ARTAS technology, surgeons are actually implementing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to induce healthy hair string purpose. When used during a transplant procedure, PRP is shown to enhance the survivability of transplanted hair roots by offering the patient’s own nutrient-rich blood straight to the scalp. For more information about transplant technologies and new hair loss, visit this exclusive post on the Miami Hair Blog.

Restoration Robotics: A New Generation of Hair Loss Treatment

Restoration Robotics is a new and innovative computer company dedicated to enhancing individual experience with world class technologies for surgical implant and hair restoration. Most fascinating may be the company’s ARTAS┬« System, the first-ever FDA approved ‘hair transplant robot.’ ARTAS is just a physician-guided system that allows surgeons to find and extract near-perfect hair roots for transplant. After removal, each follicular unit is transplanted by surgeons manually to ensure a natural-looking outcome. In 2012, the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami became the very first hair loss clinic to offer the top notch technology to individuals. Visit this website to learn more about Restoration Robotics, the business behind the growth of the ARTAS System.

ARTAS┬« Robotic Hair Transplant to be Featured on CNET Espanol

It is been very nearly a whole year because the ARTAS System for hair transplant arrived in Miami, and the media coverage remains. Local section CBS Miami visited the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami for a special on the new transplant technology, last year. In early 2013, information of the newest technology spread rapidly across Miami-centered social networking, newswires, and blogs. As the ARTAS System is ready to debut on CNET Espanol the hype continues, a fresh sister-site of CNET created exclusively for Hispanic Internet surfers. Listen in to the particular part for more information about ARTAS, the world’s first-ever hair transplant robot. Have a tour of our Institute, and as an actual ARTAS procedure is conducted watch.

CNET Espanol

CNET announces the start of an all-new internet site developed exclusively for Hispanics who like unit reviews, technology, tutorials, and more, this year. CNET aims to provide primary protection of those topics to get a growing population of Internet surfers. Relating to CNET, the new CNET Espanol may appeal to him or her for 2 major causes. First, the website content is likely to be written in Spanish to more easily communicate ideas. Second, and perhaps most significantly, the new CNET Espanol will focus on the information, units, and reviews which are most crucial to Hispanic technology users.