Understanding Lou Gehrig’s Disease

To follow-up on our last article, visit this article and find out about Lou Gehrig’s disease. A progressive ‘neuro-degenerative’ condition, Lou Gehrig’s disease adversely affects the cells and nerves of the nervous system. Specifically, the problem causes problems for the mind and spinal cord. As time passes, the problem makes it very difficult for your body to perform voluntary and involuntary muscle movements. People who have this condition may possibly eventually become paralyzed because of the injury. Fundamentally, Lou Gehrig’s illness causes death.


Male Pattern Baldness and Lou Gehrig’s Disease, A New Link Discovered

Based on a new research study, Lou Gehrig’s disease and androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness) could be closely connected. First, men were examined throughout their mid-40s. Then, the group was examined throughout their early 60s. Based on the data, males who report symptoms of pattern hair loss during their 40s are up to 3 times more likely to produce Lou Gehrig’s illness later in life. Although this study requires further follow-up study and is new, it nonetheless problems a powerful warning to middle-aged men every where. In the event that you experience symptoms of baldness, it’s wise to consult a physician immediately.