Can Chlorine Cause Hair Loss?

Chlorine is a corrosive substance that numerous health experts say is bad for human health, particularly the skin and eyes, though common in most public and private pools. Chlorine comes with an effect that could cause discomfort and dryness after prolonged exposure. Sometimes, chlorine exposure may lead to the formation of hypochlorous acid, a substance proven to penetrate cells and destroy them from the interior. But, low concentrations of chlorine are highly-effective in keeping swimming pools sanitary. In summertime, swimming pools are one of the major cause for chlorine exposure in humans. Chlorinated pool water nevertheless has the potential to cause serious problems for the eyes, skin, and hair, though undergone in low concentrations. Stay healthy this summer by taking a moment to examine these frequently asked questions about hair damage/ loss, chlorine, and health. Go to the Miami Hair Website for solutions to the most frequent concerns about health, chlorine, and hair.


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