Free Infographic on the History of Hair Transplant

Free Infographic: The History of Hair Transplant

Hair restoration and transplantation first began in the early 1940s. Today, it has evolved to become a highly refined procedure that produces results so natural in appearance, 85% of Americans cannot tell the difference, according to the ISHRS. This Infographic has been created by the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami, home of South Florida’s finest surgeons, technologies, and treatments. For your free copy, claim the embed code by visiting The History of Hair Transplant on the Miami Hair Blog.

Join Our Institute in Promoting Hair Loss Awareness Month

It’s estimated that hair loss affects two-thirds of most men and millions more women. In line with the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), approximately 25% of Americans feel vulnerable and self-conscious when losing hair, and 95-pound feel “bothered.”  And in regards to restoring those luscious locks, 73% of hair loss sufferers say they’d trade an invaluable personal property for more hair. Baldness may have a profoundly negative effect on social, private, and professional life. Men and women do not have to experience a compromised self-image, however. An annual plan, Hair Thinning Awareness Month aims to help men and women better comprehend the causes for this widespread condition, as well as effective remedies for rebuilding the scalp to its natural, beautiful, and youthful appearance. Hair, Health, & Happiness

Offered by, here is a list of the most typical questions about health and hair. If you have always had a question about hair or wondered what your stylist was talking about when she used an unfamiliar term, you’ve come to the proper place. We’ll unveil an environment of hair terms and mysteries here. Matters include everything from styling to maintenance. Visit these pages to find out more about hair care, hair care services and products, hair health, avoiding head lice, and the research behind hair growth. Take the time to go to, and find out about this fascinating and beautiful section of your body.

Can Chlorine Cause Hair Loss?

Chlorine is a corrosive substance that numerous health experts say is bad for human health, particularly the skin and eyes, though common in most public and private pools. Chlorine comes with an effect that could cause discomfort and dryness after prolonged exposure. Sometimes, chlorine exposure may lead to the formation of hypochlorous acid, a substance proven to penetrate cells and destroy them from the interior. But, low concentrations of chlorine are highly-effective in keeping swimming pools sanitary. In summertime, swimming pools are one of the major cause for chlorine exposure in humans. Chlorinated pool water nevertheless has the potential to cause serious problems for the eyes, skin, and hair, though undergone in low concentrations. Stay healthy this summer by taking a moment to examine these frequently asked questions about hair damage/ loss, chlorine, and health. Go to the Miami Hair Website for solutions to the most frequent concerns about health, chlorine, and hair.

Keep Hair Healthy Through Summer

The sun is enjoying warming up everything it could as well as causing damage not just to our skin when left unprotected, but to our hair as well, as we’re enjoying the sun throughout the summer months. Do not wait until the conclusion of the summer simply to look in the mirror and find that you have broken hair starring back at you that was caused by sunlight all through these summer months. You will help prevent injury to your hair from the sun by using some small steps and so you are not dissatisfied at the end of summer when you try looking in the mirror using sun attention hair products. You don’t want to be searching on methods to repair damaged hair from the sun and other factors that summer brings. Below are a few things you can do to help prevent hair damage from sunlight and other elements through the summertime and beyond.