A Vampire Cure for Baldness?

New research findings have hair loss patients excited– and skeptical. Scientists working with the International Hair Research Foundation have released encouraging findings that suggest platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections may effectively help patients re-grow their hair. Prepared with samples of the patients’ own blood, these PRP treatments quickly earned the nickname “vampire injections” but nonetheless hold promise for individuals who wish to reverse the signs of alopecia and, more specifically, pattern baldness. While studies indicate PRP injections might be effective without FUE hair transplant, the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami includes these advanced treatments as part of a comprehensive hair restoration methodology for men and women. To learn more about PRP, effective hair restoration, and our Institute, visit this special news article on the Miami Hair Blog. http://blog.miamihair.com/hair-loss-research/scientists-have-success-with-vampire-treatments-for-baldness.html