Norwood Classification: Understanding Male Pattern Baldness

Androgentic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, is something that more than 65% of American men will encounter at some point in their lifetime. For many, the impact hair loss has on self perception, confidence, and quality of life is severe. Depression, poor job performance, and social withdrawl are common in men who begin to lose their hair, leading many to seek treatment options. Fortunately, pattern baldness is just that– a pattern. In other words, hair loss progresses in a somewhat predictable fashion and can be classified in 1 of 7 unique stages. Called the Norwood Classification, this method of understanding hair loss helps physicians provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatment options. The Norwood Classification helps patients, too. By illustrating the most likely outcomes of untreated pattern baldness, the Norwood Classification gives patients an idea of how their hair loss will progress and affect their appearance.


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