From Bad to Beautiful: Correcting a Bad Hair Transplant

A “bad hair transplant” may result of poor technique, lack of planning, or even an outdated transplant procedure. No matter what the cause, the end-result is typically unnatural in appearance and may cause a great deal of stress, anxiety, and discomfort on a very personal level. Patients who have received a bad hair transplant are in luck, however. Today, there are a variety of high-precision surgical procedures that will effectively reverse the signs of a sub-par restoration procedure. From masking the “pluggy” appearance of large hair grafts to hiding the linear scar of the donor area, these techniques are designed to create a natural-looking head of hair in which you can be comfortable and proud. Visit the Miami Hair Blog, and learn how your hair transplant can go from “bad” to “beautiful” in just a few visits to our Institute.

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