Frequently Asked Questions About ARTAS Hair Transplant

What do you get when you combine advanced robotics, high-resolution digital imaging, and a hair transplant surgeon with an eye for aesthetics? Introducing the ARTAS System for hair transplantation, the most advanced method of hair restoration available for men and women with thinning, shedding, or balding hair. The ARTAS System assists hair transplant surgeons in recruiting, extracting, and transplanting individual hair follicles with far greater precision than any other method available. The ARTAS System is set to arrive at the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami in October. In the meant time, this Frequently Asked Questions guide will provide prospective patients with a better idea of how this advanced system for hair restoration works.


What is a Micrograft Hair Transplant?

If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer with hair loss, you no longer have to worry about results that look anything less than natural. Unlike the “hair plugs” of yesterday, modern day hair transplants use micro grafts to harvest your own hair from donor areas and transplant it with precision and minimal scarring. There are 3 primary types of micro graft procedures, each capable of delivering natural looking results that last. The first is the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) technique. Follicular Unit Extraction is a newer and more advanced method that harvests individual hair follicles using a small, minimally invasive “punch” tool that measures less than 1mm in diameter. Today’s advanced hair transplant procedures are precise, highly effective, and are relatively painless. To learn more about advanced micro graft transplant techniques, visit this article on the Miami Hair Blog.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Transplant Procedures

Hair loss affects an overwhelming number of men and women. Sometimes, patients experience loss of hair from the eyebrow region as well as loss of eyelashes. This can be the result of many different things, including medical radiation treatments, prescription medications, alopecia, and even trauma. For women, loss of hair in these areas may also occur after years of over zealous tweezing, styling, and plucking. Hair restoration procedures may effectively restore the hair of the brow and eyelashes. Today, advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures are an effective solution. This is a highly specialized type of restoration procedure, however, and patients must carefully select a surgeon based on their experience with these specific procedures. To learn more about eyebrow and eyelash hair restoration, visit this article on the Miami Hair Blog.