Robotic FUE transplant has promising future

The future of robotic follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair restoration is a promising one. According to surgeons at the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami, the advanced hair restoration technology may soon be able to assist in both follicular extraction and implantation. A surgeon’s skills and expertise would still be needed to execute the physical implantation of the follicular unit; however, robotics technologies may soon be able to tell surgeons exactly where to implant each graft for best results.

Hair and Nails Need Same Nutrients

Studies show that both hair and nails benefit from some of the same essential vitamins and minerals. This is great news for anyone looking to improve strength and appearance of both hair and nails, as small changes in diet can have a significantly positive impact on each. In this article, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, shares a half dozen nutrients that are known to improve the look, feel, and strength of hair and nails.

Types of hair graft procedures

Hair grafting is the process by which donor hair is selected, extracted, and prepped for transplant. Grafts play a vital rule in the transplant procedure; not only do they restore thinning or receding areas of scalp, but they also leave vacancies from where they are extracted. With this in mind, it’s easier to understand how hair grafting procedures are a fine art that must be honed over time. Learn more about hair grafts in this informative article on the Miami Hair Blog.

Seeking Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

The numbers are sobering. A reported 2 in 3 adult men will experience thinning, shedding, or balding at some point in their life. What’s more, 25% of men who suffer with pattern baldness are likely to see significant signs of hair loss by age 25. Baldness does not discriminate, affecting men of all ages. All hope is not lost, however. Men who take time to learn the signs of baldness are better able to spot it when it takes form, giving them the opportunity to seek a professional diagnosis. Following diagnosis, men can work with a professional to choose an effective treatment option for baldness.

Hair Loss Treatment Centers

Treating hair loss can be accomplished by both surgical and non-surgical methods. Hair loss centers specialize in providing both approaches, though the specific treatment options may vary from clinic to clinic. It’s always wise to research the hair restoration technologies available at the hair loss center prior to making an appointment, just to confirm the clinic offers treatments that are likely to benefit you. Moreover, you may also want to research the lead surgeons and clinic brand name on Google, LinkedIN, and medical communities like Always look for hair loss surgeons and centers that have a good reputation online. Finally, it’s important to remember not to get overwhelmed when researching online. Finding the right hair loss center will be a very rewarding experience in the end, so it’s worthwhile to take your time when trying to locate the ideal clinic and professional.

Laser Hair Restoration 101

Lasers designed to re-grow hair might seem like something that belongs in a science fiction novel, but the technology is real. In winter 2014, scientists released the first study to demonstrate the effectiveness of the “laser comb” device for hair loss. Now, hair loss sufferers are eager to learn more about laser hair restoration. Who is a candidate, and what does it cost? These questions are common, and professionals are available to conduct hair loss consultations to help patients get reliable answers. Laser hair restoration is a common treatment recommendation for a number of hair loss conditions, including androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness) and telogen effluvium. To learn more about hair restoration with laser devices, visit this article on the Miami Hair Blog.

World Cup Players Show Awesome Hairstyles

It seems everyone in Miami is just crazy about the World Cup! At the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami, we share our city’s excitement and have been watching closely as the world’s most talented teams and footballers edge closer and closer to the final. In this article on the Miami Hair Blog, our editors share 11 of our favorite hairstyles featured by the world’s most elite players. Check out the list, and tell us your favorite in the Comments section!